Cinematographer Erik Messerscmidt

Erik combines a history of fine art and mainstream technical experience to his work.    He was recently honored with a Goldenfrog nomination at the prestigious Cameraimage Film Festival in Lodz, Poland for his work on “In A Dream”. His recent work includes “Wait For Me”, a documentary for Academy Award winning filmmaker Ross Kauffman, “Chance of Showers” directed by David Spiegelman, and “The Sphere” directed by Nicholas Militello.

Prior to his work as a cinematographer, Erik worked as an assistant to photographer Gregory Crewdson and a lighting designer and fabricator for artists Mike and Doug Starn in New York City. He has also worked as a gaffer on Major Motion Pictures such as Iron Man 2, The Number 23, Hard Candy and television shows such as Fox’s Bones, AMC’s Mad Men, and Paramount’s Everybody Hates Chris, as well as Brad Pitt’s video portrait. Erik has shot music videos for artists such as The Brazilian Girls, The 88, Iglu and Hartly, and The Deftones. He is a graduate of Emerson College where he studied Cinematography.

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Internet Movie

A Chance of Showers - A short film set to hit the 2011/2012 festival circuit about a man obsessed with the rain who finds himself five years into a drought.  The universe and a woman in a yellow jacket help him find his way out.

  Erik Messerschmidt
Director of Photography
Directed by
David Spiegelman
A Chance of Showers Official Website