Head Over Heels TV Pilot

Tripp Day has it all, good looks, money, and success. A self proclaimed egotistical bachelor, Tripp prides himself on being a ladies man. With his wit and suave gentleman style he easily charms women to get what he wants. Although he loves women he believes they are the weaker sex and treats them with little respect once he has bedded and conquered them. That is until one night when he meets an incredibly attractive woman who turns his world upside down and changes his life forever. After another casual one night stand Tripp awakens to find himself changed into the woman he just slept with. Confused and angry, he learns he is the victim of a 200 year old curse that preys on men who treat women poorly. Horrified of living the rest of his life as a woman he then learns he can become a man again. The only catch is that he must learn to treat women with respect, and he must sleep with the man he wishes to become. Tripp finds himself with the most difficult decision of his life whether to remain a woman or choose to become a man again.  So if this was you . . . what would you do. .??

 Created By: Keedran Madrid Muncaster


 Executive Producer: Ravento Espinoza
Casting Director:
Dark Comedy/Drama
Potential Distribution:
TV, Cable, DVD, Festival, Internet
Expressed Interest:
Starz, Warner Brothers, ABC
Estimated Budget:
Shoot Locations:
Denver vs LA